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When most people think of a construction project, they think about the building process and the machinery, tools, and equipment that go into it. However, what many overlook is all the planning, budgeting, scheduling, and reviewing that goes into making the project a reality.

At Stack Construction, we understand that a construction project is only as good as the pre-construction plans that go into it. That’s why we offer comprehensive pre-construction services in Meridian to ensure a smooth project from start to finish. Contact us online or call (208) 899-3726 today!

Our Meridian Pre-Construction Services

Here’s a quick look at the work that goes into your project before boots even hit the ground. 

Design Coordination

There are many minds behind any good construction project rather than a single mastermind. Each person brings a unique perspective and design ideas to the table. At Stack Construction, we take a collaborative, team-oriented approach to commercial construction projects. We then combine these ideas to create a perfectly coordinated design build plan.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is the process of choosing the most cost-effective, eco-friendly, and effective materials and solutions for your project.

Design Constructability Review

While it’s good to dream big and have innovative ideas, our design constructability review process will ultimately determine if these ideas are feasible and the best way to accomplish them.

Budget Planning

Aside from hiring Meridian general contracting services, the key to success in a commercial construction project is to make a feasible and realistic budget. We have a reputation for building high-quality projects that come in below budget while providing everything you need to enjoy your new building.

Cost Control

A budget is only worth making if there’s a plan to ensure you don’t blow through it. Our intense Meridian pre-construction and construction management processes will ensure we don’t exceed your budgetary limitations. 


In addition to staying on budget, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and according to your schedule. 

Long Lead Item Procurement

Certain tools, materials, and machines have limited availability in commercial construction. One of the top reasons for construction delays is not planning ahead and acquiring these things in advance. We avoid this common pitfall and make sure to have everything we need to keep your project on schedule through pre-construction processes in Meridian.

The Stack Construction Difference

We understand the frustrations and difficulties involved with pre-construction planning and design. That’s why we provide a collaborative experience where we work with you every step of the way. We’ve found that open communication and collaboration is the only way to ensure a smooth construction experience with an end result you can be proud of. 

Contact Us to Schedule a Consultation

Contact us at Stack Construction if you’re looking for the best Meridian pre-construction services. From planning and designing your project until it’s built to the last detail, we’re with you every step of the way. Call (208) 899-3726 today.

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